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Specialists predict by 2030 over 18,000 people will be living with vision loss in Charlotte with over 40% at or near poverty.

Individuals who are new to visual impairment or blindness often find everyday tasks a challenge. Cooking a meal, paying bills, filling out forms and getting to work may seem insurmountable. These challenges often result in unemployment, dependency, isolation, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

With the number of people experiencing vision loss growing, more trained staff and specialized services are needed. In addition, financial limitations prevent access to expensive technology designed to remove barriers.

Metrolina Association for the Blind offers services to overcome these challenges.

1.Social Workers assist clients in developing a plan to access services and community resources, enabling them to gain coping skills and a support network.

2.The Low Vision Clinic provides access to optometrists and therapists helping patients with mild to severe vision loss maximize their remaining sight with low vision devices and training.

3.Rehabilitation Specialists teach clients self sufficiency and safety skills. i.e. - how to shop, ride the bus, walk with a cane, fall prevention, use technology, and manage a home.

4.Transportation provides 3500+ door-through-door trips annually to help access community resources and reduce isolation.

5.Accessible Document Services creates Braille, Large Print, Audio CD and Accessible PDF products enabling people with visual impairment to be in control of their own finances and privacy.

Last year 1,758 people learned ways to resolve their daily living challenges and become more independent. In addition, 2 million accessible pages were created for corporations nationwide. MAB’s advocacy on behalf of people who are visually impaired has resulted in transformative accessibity solutions in Charlotte.

How you can help:

1.If you or someone you know is struggling with vision loss, please call 704-887-5100.

2.Provide a business referral to MAB for accessible document production.

3.Consider a commitment of $1000 a year for 3 years to bring hope and independence to someone with visual impairment.An annual gift of $1,000 provides a year of rehabilitation to someone in need.

Confidentiality of Donor Names:

MAB may utilize the name and address of donors to send newsletters, annual reports, program information, or solicitations. MAB will honor all requests for removal from mailing lists. MAB uses names and addresses of donors for internal purposes only. To make a donation please fill out the form.