If you woke up tomorrow and you couldn't see, what would you do? Where would you turn for help?

How would you match your clothes, pay your bills, shop for groceries, prepare meals, and find your way around the home and your neighborhood?

Due to vision loss, hundreds of our friends and neighbors face these challenges on a daily basis.

You can make a positive difference in the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired with your donation to MAB. Your tax-deductible contribution supports a variety of programs offered to MAB clients. Although MAB is a member agency of United Way since 1938, additional funds are needed. Your generous and thoughtful gift is most appreciated.

Here are just a few examples of what your donation means for our clients:

$10= a Low Vision starter kit for 1 client

$20= a cane or talking wrist watch for 1 client

$35= a pair of Low Vision sunglasses for 1 client

$40= a Braille wrist watch for 1 client

$55= a talking scale for 1 client

$60= a talking blood pressure monitor for 1 client

$100= 200 writing/signature guides to be dispursed to new clients

Confidentiality of Donor Names:

MAB does not rent, sell or share the names, addresses, phone numbers or any other personal information of donors with other organizations or outside charities. Donor information is made available only to select agency staff and maintained in a secure database.

MAB may utilize the name and address of donors to send newsletters, annual reports, program information, or solicitations. MAB will honor all requests for removal from mailing lists. MAB uses names and addresses of donors for internal purposes only.

To make a donation please fill out the form.